Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I need it. We live in a small house. A lovely house, but small nevertheless. Today I have been wracking my brain trying to work out how to give myself a bit of room. Not storage space (although I desperately need that too), but space for me.

The children have their own rooms which they have made 'their own' with shelves full of toys, books and knick-knacks, and walls covered in artwork. My husband and I have a room 'in progress'. It will be 'in progress' for some time, I think! Wardrobe space is at a premium, and one side of the room is taken up with a filing cabinet, drawers and a desk. Perfect for computer time and blogging, but not conducive to crafting. And especially not suitable for an altar!

So with a bit of tweaking and re-arranging, I think I have a solution. Today would have been the perfect time to get it all sorted out, but with a kitchen hutch, a chest of drawers and a desk to move, it is going to have to wait until my muscle bound husband returns home! I am going to create a crafting nook in the unused dining room (we eat outdoors, so the dining table is now on ebay!), and I will set up my long awaited altar on my side of the bedroom.

Why is all this space important? Well, the crafting nook speaks for itself. With my handmade pledge for 2010, I am going to need it!! I don't fancy having to take the sewing machine out of the cupboard everytime I feel the need to stitch. A trip to Ikea will be on the cards for some fancy storage boxes too.

As for the altar, well, that's entirely for me. A place to return to when I need inspiration. A place where I can reconnect with the divine. A place for meditation. A place to hold items that are sacred to me - pictures of loved ones, candles, crystals and my totems.

Space for me. Boy, am I looking forward to it.


  1. I needed space too. A place to hold 'my' things, a place sacred to me. I weighed up the options, and shoving a desk in the corner of the lounge room was not what I had in mind. So I thought about what we used the most each day, and our dining table was the bottom of the list. So I took over the whole dining room, a secluded space now dedicated to me. Eating on a table shoved in the middle of the lounge room was not as important as having me space. I am happy. I feel complete with my own personal space. It is so important to feel like you have a place of your own to go to, like a bedroom is to a child...looking forward to seeing your space Bec.

  2. would love to see a photo of your creative space when its ready!