Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to make felted pebbles

Such a great activity to keep little hands busy, and make wonderful little toys once they are completed. They make a gorgeous fairy ring, mountains for pixie folk to climb, treasures for treasure chests, and great counting and colour recognition tools for the really little ones.

Here is a step by step guide.

1. Prepare your materials. You will need some clean, smooth pebbles (we found ours in the garden), some warm soapy water (I use washing-up detergent), some pure wool fleece and a felting needle (this is not compulsory but it helps to keep the fleece in place at the beginning). Note the six little hands, waiting patiently...

2. Using a small portion of fleece, wrap it around the pebble ensuring that it is all covered. You may need to use two pieces. Secure it with the needle, if you are using one.

3. Saturate the fleece with the warm soapy water. At first just gently agitate by rolling it in your palms to ensure the fleece starts to knit together. Once it has started to felt, you can be a little rougher. Continue with the rolling and agitating until you are happy that it has felted together nicely and has good coverage. As the fleece begins to felt it will shrink to the shape of the pebble. It should fit nice and tight.

4. Rinse the pebbles thoroughly under cold water to remove all traces of the soap. This is Master C's favourite part!

5. Put them in the sun to dry, and then play!


  1. These are lovely Beck, my boys would love to make them too. A very good way to fill in a morning.Thanks xx

  2. They are so much fun! Caleb and Isla want to make them all the time.Looks like they will be a great holiday activity! At the moment Isla is using them as food for her tea party!