Monday, May 30, 2011

The right place

I'm right where I'm meant to be.

It might not be perfect. It might not be ideal. But it's exactly where I am supposed to be. And I am ever so grateful.

I was given the opportunity to seal my own fate and forge my own path. So I did. No second guessing, no listening to doubters, no worry for the 'what ifs'. I listened to my gut, trusted that it was right, and let my intuition guide me.

I made a choice that affected not only me, but my children, their father, my family, my lover and his family. Not once though, did I doubt that I was doing the right thing. I certainly had moments of lesser clarity, but they were more than outweighed by the feeling of 'rightness' that I felt through every cell.

If there is such a thing as a 'miracle of love', then I'm in the middle of it.
It surrounds me with such joy and brightness.

I've met a man who has turned his life upside down to be with me, and whose devotion is overwhelming. We found each other and our unexpected connection has tied those silvery soul ribbons back together again. It's simply the most beautiful experience.

I have three beautiful, unique and vibrant children, who despite the change their little lives have undergone, are still blossoming. They are full of love for me, and they are so accepting of what life is offering them now. Their eyes are bright and their hearts are open. I'm so proud to be their mother.

I have an 'ex' husband, who in most people eyes should be devastated and bitter. But he has embraced this change as much as I have and is excitedly moving on with his own new journey. We can, and do, talk openly about everything, and we share our feelings and emotions better than we ever have. For this I am incredibly thankful.

I have a wonderful family who I have thrown into a level of chaos, but who have in their own time, shown me support and love and understanding. It's been tough for them to comprehend my choices, but their concerns are only borne out of love. This is perfectly ok.

In fact, everything is ok. Actually, it's more than ok. It's just wonderful.

I'm right where I'm meant to be.