Monday, January 24, 2011

Points for trying

Here is my oldest son. His hero is Bear Grylls. He lives and breaths adventure at the moment, and is literally counting down the days until he is 18 and can go and discover the big, wide world. The entire schools holidays were spent pouring over his survival guides, watching Man vs Wild, packing, and re-packing his backpack. He has drawn maps, written lists and planned every adventure down to the last detail. He even made a raft out of old pieces of wood from the yard, and plans to use it to sail to England. Oh yes... he is THAT keen!

This particular night he decided that he was no longer satisfied with sleeping in his tent on the back deck, so he rigged himself up a hammock out of an old bed sheet. He tied the knots, tested them for strength, and kitted himself out with torches, books, pillows and blankets. When night fell, he couldn't wait to get in it and sleep.

We humoured him of course, and made a bid deal out of how clever he was, and how proud of him Bear Grylls would be. He read by torch light for a little and then prepared for sleep. He lasted about 30 minutes. Apparently the mosquitos were bothering him too much. We gave him plenty points for trying though, and off to bed he went to dream of far off places.