Friday, December 18, 2009

Slow down

I had a realisation today that hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I will know my children for far more years as adults, than I will know them as kids.

I don't know why I've only just realised this, nor why it hit me so hard. It's had a profound effect on my thinking and on my actions too. I'm slowing down. Not just in what I do, but in how I speak and in my interactions with my kids. I need to listen to them more. I need to be with them more. And I need to expect less.

You always hear people say, 'they are kids for such a short time', but have you ever really just stopped and thought about what that means? These experiences we have with them are but fleeting. The way they look, the way they react, their emotional vulnerabilities now, will be gone in a few short years. They will grow up, and find their own lives. It is our responsibility as parents to nurture them now. Love them now and be with them now. Giving them material things, or overloading their days with structured activities, is not, in my humble opinion, the best type of parenting. It feels good to give them what they think they need, but what will they remember about you when they grow up? How many toys you gave them, or how much time you spent playing with them, and enjoying them?

Slow down.


  1. i agree, my children adore it so much when i sit and play with them that it makes me realise how seldom I actually do it :(
    I don't want to be remembered for always being a busy, industrious mum, with no time to play.

  2. Oh Bec you hit the nail right on the head, Thank you. You have opened my eyes to a new way of looking at my time spent with my girls.

  3. Thank you Bec that is just what I need to keep in mind more often. I try to remember to tell my kids every day how proud I am and how much I love them...but I don't play very often anymore...and I need to get back into more baking, craft etc and strive to make it fun and memorable. Or I'm at risk of being remembered as the mum that never wanted to play. :\

  4. I'm so glad that I read this!!