Monday, July 12, 2010

When life hands you lemons....

... make lemonade!

We have a beautiful lemon tree in our backyard, and this citrus season has proved to be extremely bountiful! We have literally had dozens. I've given some away and I've had to throw away a few that didn't make it. Yesterday the boys came inside with shirts filled to the brim of more bright, juicy lemons. They must have collected at least 30!

This morning I juiced 12 of them and got almost 800ml of juice! They really are delicious lemons - full of juice and not particularly tart. I made a simple sugar syrup, added the juice and then diluted it with filtered water. It is super yummy, but super sweet too! Definitely an adults drink, and I plan to have some tonight over ice with fresh chopped mint. I found the recipe here.

I have another recipe that I am going to try too. It was shared with me by a friend who also has a plethora of lemons to deal with! This one has ginger in it. One of my favourite ingredients. It's made with a slightly different method though and is probably much healthier! You can find the recipe here.

Here is my fruit basket AFTER the 12 lemons were juiced, and the tree still has some left on it. Looks like some lemon curd and lemon tea cake might be on the menu this week too!

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