Sunday, July 25, 2010

Full moon antics...

By now I should know better than to let my 7 year old out when it's a full moon. The last three months should have taught me well enough. So what was I thinking this morning when I let him compete in his Joey Scout billy cart derby!?!?!

His run of full moon bad luck started with a broken arm, was followed the next month with swallowed magnets, and then last month in Malaysia he was almost hit by a motorcycle and then a bus! We were really tempting fate this morning, and true to his nature, the morning ended with a strained ankle after he lost control on the home run. It turned out that his pride was more wounded than his ankle though. His head is still drooping with the thoughts of his lost trophy, but thankfully this time he got off relatively lightly! Who knows what next month will bring....

It was a fun morning, even if cut short, and here are some photos. Hope you like them! Oh, and a special thanks goes to the St John's Ambulance crew who not only wiped away a few tears, but administered ice in a most professional manner!

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