Thursday, July 8, 2010

For Lena....

I've been thinking a lot today about friendships, and the reasons different people come into our lives. Some come for a long time, others for a short time, but each one brings us a gift to be cherished. Sometimes friendships wither, and I know now that this is ok. It's part of the transient nature of humanity, and proof that with growth, comes change. Sometimes a friendship is eternal, regardless of how often we see one another. Some of my best friendships are like this, and I believe that these people are written into my life, to both teach me and to learn from me. True friendship is about give and take, in the least greedy sense.

Tonight I am going out for dinner with some of my dearest friends. Most of them I have only been friends with for a short time, but we have shared some incredible moments including the birth of children, the loss of loved ones, sick babies, our children's educational achievements, personal awakenings, the discovery of our creative pulses and of course, plenty of laughter. We are going out to celebrate tonight, as one of us is leaving. Lena is taking a very brave, but adventurous step, and is moving north with her family.

I say brave, because that's just what it is. It's no easy feat to move - to pack up everything you have, to leave friends and family, and to start again in a new town. I know. I've done it. It's hard, it's emotionally draining and it's very stressful! But Lena knows that it is a challenge they are all ready for, and I have no doubt she will love every minute. Life isn't meant to be mundane, and an opportunity like this needs to be grasped by the reins and ridden for the exciting thing that it is! I'm proud to have friends who recognise this.

Thankfully in this day and age of technology, none of us will ever be far away from her. We can chat daily, swap photos and enjoy Lena's escapades from the comfort of our own lounge rooms! I'm sure I don't speak only for myself though, when I say that I will miss seeing her smiling face at school in the afternoons. I'll also miss the craft evenings, where undoubtedly more wine was consumed than craft was made! I'll miss our dinners out, our True Blood swaps, our sneaky cigarettes when we both should know better, and our book chats. These are things that are always much nicer to share face to face, and I look forward to catching up on lost time when she comes back to visit us all.

As women we are all inextricably bound by the same thread. We all want what is best for ourselves and our family. Sometimes this means that other parts of our lives need to change, that we need to move on and create new truths for ourselves. Lena has gifted me with a wonderful friendship, and we have both grown immensely from the experience. We've learned new things together, and these things have shaped our friendship into what it is today. I have no doubt that Lena's friendship will be one of the eternal kind.

Thank you Lena. I want to wish you all the luck, love and light you will need on this journey. This is definitely NOT goodbye!


  1. Oh Beck you couldn't have said it better. Its brought tears to my eyes. We all will miss lena so much. And your right its far from goodbye.

  2. Thank you sooo much!, i feel honoured to have become a blog post. I sat and cried and laughed and then sighed when i saw our picture. I can not attempt to put into words how i feel at the moment. So untill i can. Thank you...