Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Malaysian Adventure...

We've just returned from a wonderful family holiday in Malaysia, and while we enjoyed the adventure of a different culture, ate the most delicious food, and saw some wondrous sites, we are really glad to be back in our cosy little Australian home.

Travelling with three children under the age of eight is no easy feat! And it most certainly is not relaxing! Trying to keep them occupied on four flights, and in tiny hotel rooms was completely overwhelming, and at times we wondered why on earth we had decided to put ourselves through the experience. Looking through our hundreds of photos though, I realised that while it might not have been the lazy, do-nothing kind of holiday we imagined, it certainly left our children with some experiences that other's may only dream about.

During this week away, our children experienced long haul flights and had to learn a hell of a lot about patience; they enjoyed discovering new 'favourites' in the hawker food bizarres we frequented; they learned the value of money as they bargained for their souvenirs in the night markets; they made friends with children from lands and backgrounds so completely different to our own (the ability to communicate in ways other than words, comes so naturally to children); and they experienced a culture full of religious tolerance.

Having our kids experience the beauty and diversity of the world we live in, is so very important to us, and despite our superficial hardships, we enjoyed a truly educational, enriching and heart warming experience together as a family. We are already planning the next one, but perhaps this time we'll choose somewhere that doesn't require overnight flights!

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