Thursday, July 29, 2010

Secret Women's Business - Part 2

I recently wrote about the benefits of cloth menstrual pads in one of my previous posts, Secret Women's Business.

Today I received my latest stash in the mail, and I wanted to show them to you. Aren't they pretty?

We have some fabulous Australian made pads, but for those of us on a tight budget, they can be a little bit expensive. My two super pads, three regular pads and four liners were only USD55.00. Not expensive when you consider that they will last me for years! These gorgeous little things come from Punky's Pads, a US seller on They are beautifully made and the service was second to none. I ordered and paid for them only 8 days ago, and I couldn't believe it when they arrived this morning.

It's always so exciting to get things in the mail!

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  1. very funky Beck, youll be able to say youve got your monkey on LOL