Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy birthday, big boy!

At 12.15pm, seven years ago, I was in hospital. I'd just had my waters broken and had been labouring slowly for about 6 hours. I was convinced my baby would be born very soon! I was wrong. Very wrong. After several unsuccessful attempts at an epidural (which left me numb on only one side of my body, therefore bed bound), and another 9 hours of labour I was still only 5cm dilated. Devastated and exhausted, we decided that a caesarean was the best option. This was bitter sweet news. My dreams of a completely natural, drug free birth were shattered. I was too tired to argue, and so after another 2 hours of waiting, we were wheeled in. Finally at 11.42pm, my baby boy finally arrived earthside. He was happy, healthy and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. He was born with his eyes wide open, taking in everything his new world had to offer. He was so alert.

And he still is. He is one of the greatest people I know, and is destined for huge things. A typical Aquarian, he is eccentric and a bit of an odd bod, compared to other kids his age. But that's one of the things I love about him the most - his uniqueness is overwhelming sometimes. He is compassionate and caring, and his thirst for knowledge is almost insatiable - always questioning everything and everyone. His need to 'know' keeps him awake some nights as his little brain ticks over and over. Sometimes I get a glimpse of the normal seven year old when he picks on his siblings, or won't help with the chores, but this isn't too often. Mostly he is great fun to be around, and an awesome kid to know. Conversation is certainly never dull!

I am so proud to be his Mum, and I love him more than words can describe. I can't wait to see what life has in store for him.

Happy birthday, darling one!

There's a star shining bright
and an angel with its light
just for you
just for you
on this day of your birth
on this day you came to earth
a special day too,
for all who know you.

For you're special like laughter
Like a star in the sky
Like a seed of light
Like the sparkle in your eye
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

To you ....

- Atillio Dona

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  1. Happy birthday to him. I love thinking about when my children were born, too. I had a c-section with my boy, too. I much preferred it to having the episiotomy I had with my daughter. Little boys are such funny little creatures at times. Your last picture reminds me of the goofiness my 8 year old displays sometimes.