Thursday, June 18, 2009

Washday Blues

I was taking some washing off the line earlier, and the words, 'the washday blues,' popped into my head. I have no idea why, but perhaps I was subconsciously feeling a bit blue? I guess washing can do that to you!

Anyway, I kept repeating the words and thought for certain that it must be the name of a song. So I googled, and I was right. It's a Dolly Parton song!

Last Saturday night I looked like a princess dressed in calico
Now blue Monday washday I look like a lady hobo
Just rubbin' and a scrubbin' and a raisin' 'em outI gotta hang 'em out early
I hope the sun comes out
Wash 'em out ring 'em out hang 'em on the line
Get a little tired just think about the good times,washday blues
Now I ain't never been very lucky
I ain't never won a prize
But I'd like to get a job on TV for some of that soap they advertise
Rubbin' and scrubbin...
Well that good lookin' good lovin' no good man of mine
Could buy me a washin' machine
But he spends all his money on payday to make me look like a queen
Now rubbin' and scrubbin'...

You can listen to it here -

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