Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The little things...

The pieces of Lego that dig in deep when I walk on them,
The empty food packets found buried beneath the cushions,
The sticky grains of rice under the table,
The empty toilet roll holders,
The liquid soap dripping down the cupboard doors,
The odd socks that never find their partners,
The little faces drawn so carefully on the hallway walls,
The dvd's without their covers,
The stains I can't remove,
The empty drink bottles scattered throughout the car,
The dribble marks on their pillowcases,
The half eaten piece of cheese squished into the carpet,
The ever growing washing pile,
The crusts not eaten in their lunchboxes,
The screaming when toys aren't shared,
The icky residue on their favourite book pages,
The wet towel on the bathroom floor,
The winter nose drips,
The ever opening purse,
The endless questions...

The fine lines appearing around my eyes,
The grey hair in my husband's beard,
The silver streaks on my tummy and thighs,
The saggy skin that will never tighten,
The tears that have fallen,
The worry lines on my forehead....

The sweet smell of their necks,
The sound of their breathing at night,
The first smile in the morning,
The last smile at night,
The innocence of their thoughts,
The first discovery of something new,
The tenderness of their skin,
The light in their eyes.

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