Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Creative desires...

I have an itch that must be scratched. I feel it starting in my finger tips and moving up my arms. My brain impulses are firing. My heart is beating double time. I need to create. I need to make something beautiful and I need to do it now! My mind is bombarded with visions of beauty on a daily basis. I see pictures in magazines, on websites, on other people's blogs and in life itself. They make me envious and they make me want to create something - anything!

I get like this a lot. I think it's the product of boredom. Not boredom in the usual sense though. I have too much to do, to be bored. It's more a feeling that something is missing. The hum-drum of day to day life can sometimes find me feeling like I need an outlet - an interest -something to sink my teeth into. Housework and looking after a young family demands so much physical and emotional energy. Naturally, this energy is used and re-charged regularly by my beautiful husband and children. It is my creative energy that needs attention, and only I can take care of this.

This persistant itch got to me last week too, so I downloaded an easy pattern from one of my favourite creators (see the picture of Sammy the Squid - courtesy of The day after that I got my sewing machine out. A few days later I found all my gorgeous pieces of vintage fabric - the product of a recent obsession. Maybe tomorrow I will put them all together and fulfill this urge.

Now I just need to work out how to fit in the time. The time for me...

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