Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Trust yourself...

"Trust yourself sweet one. At the moment we are being asked to claim our vastness and walk it on the Earth plane. So all the energy and thought forms we have woven to keep ourselves limited and small are coming to the surface to be healed. That is part of the intensity as the old ways are dying"

1995 - Author unknown

This is written at the beginning of this years Moon Diary, and I keep going back to read it. Each time I do, I have a new realisation and it resonates with me in a different way. Initially it spoke to me directly. I was going through great emotional and spiritual change and it was confirmation that I was on the right path. It gave me great comfort.

Today though, I feel it is talking to everyone. The world is changing. We are returning to the 'old ways', and we are rejecting the demands of modern life and all its foibles. Each one of is taking small steps to return to the simple ways of our ancestors, whether we realise it or not. Most of us re-use, repair and recycle, many of us have vegie gardens to feed our families, a lot of us use our skills to make things, and all of us realise that we can't go on living in the throw-away society that has been taken for granted for far too long.

Technology has had its day, and whilst I don't think we will ever see a world without it, I do believe we are beginning to reject it's complications and it's invasion, and we yearn to live a simpler life. I long for a day when life returns to what it was like when I was a child. When all we had were the shoes on our feet (if we wore them!), our bikes and the wide open streets to roam. We came home when the street lights came on, or when Mum yelled out the window. We weren't tied down to the couch with computer games, mobile phones, or the internet and the only technology we knew were our cassette players. We played, and our parents did what parents do - they provided for us, they loved us and they let us be kids.

We will see this kind of purity again, I just know it.


  1. I feel this also. Right now, my kids are just playing in the backyard with the neighbour's grandkids. I can hear shrieks of laughter. It's fantastic!

  2. Hi, Everyday Mum. I just discovered your blog through your comment on my blog Acorn Pies. I think you are right about many people's longing to return to simpler times in some ways. One of the ways which I encourage this simplicity is by providing the opportunity for as much outdoor unstructured play as possible for my young son. I think a lot of children spend too much time in adult-directed activities learning "skills." When I watch him building a fort in the woods I see him getting stronger as he solves problems and designs using his own creativity. That makes him feel proud and independent and competent. Beth