Wednesday, January 27, 2010

School's back...

So my boys have flown the coop. Just one little baby chick left at home with Mummy now. Finally some girl time!

I was so proud this morning. My big boy has started Grade 2, and has a wonderful teacher, so I know he will continue to excel and be happy. He will be a little outnumbered by girls this year though - it's about 2:1! He only has two friends from last year in his class, but he has never been one to be shy. I guarantee that by the end of the day he will have already made a couple of new 'best friends'. Despite a dream breakfast, teeth and getting dressed run, the morning didn't start as smoothly as it should have. Leaving all your books at home isn't a great way to begin! All's well that ends well though, and 'responsibility' has become the key word for the day.

My baby boy started prep today too. Such a big year for a little one, and a monumental day for all of us. The first true day of independence. He has to grow up now. I'm not sure I'm completely at ease with that, but like the last time I experienced it, I'm sure I'll grow from it too. He was a little anxious to start, although he didn't admit it. His quietness was the telltale sign for me. However when he saw that several of his kindy pals would be joining him in class, his excitement was almost palpable. He had no problems waving me goodbye!

So now it's time to get some plans into action. This week we'll take it easy and just ease on into the first term. Next week though I need get my act together and sort out birthday presents, swimming lessons, Scouts, home renovations, finish booking our holiday, and give the house a good once over! So many cupboards need sorting, and my blinds are hideous! For now though.... it's time for a cuppa and a rest. This school gig is hard work!

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