Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crafty ideas

What a great day! I've made (well, finished making) two gifts and have started on a noticeboard for my creative space. The gifts have to remain a secret for a little while yet as the recipients might be reading! I will take some photos and post them after the birthdays have been celebrated, I promise. My noticeboard is still to be completed. I have run out of red ribbon. I could have sworn I bought enough yesterday! When it's finished I will put up some instructions and pictures so you can make one yourself. Mine will be part noticeboard (for school reminders etc) and part inspiration board. I see beautiful, inspiring ideas everywhere but unless I print out a picture and have it where I can see it, the ideas tend to get lost - usually somewhere between the dinner menus and housework lists that take up a good portion of my mind!

Whilst blog-surfing today, I discovered something which is really, really exciting. The Butterfly Loom. I love yarn and fibres, but I have never been much of a knitter. It's all a bit mind numbing for me. I like projects that can be completed fairly quickly. The Butterfly Loom looks like it will be perfect for me - quick, simple and relatively no skill required! I think I will take the plunge and buy one. I hope you all like rugs and scarves, because I have a feeling you'll be getting them for your birthdays this year! Has anyone got a butterfly loom, or used one before? I'd love to know what you think of them.

This is a rug that has been made using the Butterfly Loom. Isn't it gorgeous?


  1. Haha, I remember on the first Big Brother Series one of their challenges was to make a carpet and they were using the butterfly loom then. It did look really easy and really fast. Hardest bit was joining all the squares together. I couldn't help but think at the time that if that were me on big brother I would have done it even faster.

  2. It is beautiful Beck, you know I love scarfs and rugs.