Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to make a fabric covered noticeboard

This is how I made it. I don't profess that this is the best, or the only way, but it worked for me. If you have a better or different idea, let me know. I'm sorry there isn't a picture for each step. I didn't think that far ahead! Hopefully my instructions will be clear enough.

Materials -

A canvas or cheap cork board (choose the size you like best - mine is 60cm x 50cm)

Batting to give it padding (I bought some from Spotlight. I cost about $17 but there is enough there for me to make at least another 5 or 6 noticeboards - great gift idea!)

Fabric of your choice (make sure you have enough to be able to fold it behind to secure to the board - at least 6cm on each side)

Contrasting ribbon (I used roughly 6m for my project)

Thumb tacks for each ribbon intersection

String to attach it to the wall

Staple gun and staples

Sticky tape

Method -

1. Cut out your batting leaving enough to be able to fold it onto the back of the board.

2. Using the staple gun, staple the batting onto the wooden frame on the back of the board. Cut off any excess.

3. Iron your fabric.

4. Do the same with your fabric as you did with the batting. I folded the edges of my fabric over once to give it a neat seam and to avoid fraying before attaching it. Staple it to the board, making sure that the fabric is pulled taut. The corners can be tricky, but if you fold them over like you do when wrapping a present, you should be able to keep it neat. You may find you need to do a bit of trimming on the corners as excess fabric will cause it to bulge.

5. Starting at the corners, lay your ribbon diagonally over the front side of the board, making sure that it is flat. Carefully turn the board over and staple it to the frame. Cut the ends neatly. Continue with the ribbon until you have covered the board. The distance between each ribbon is up to you. Make sure the gaps are big enough to allow you to put your notices up.

6. Turn the board over so that the front is facing you. Place a thumb tack into each intersection of the ribbon and press through all of the fabric, batting and canvas. This will be easy over the wood as the tack will stick straight into it. Where there is no wood though, you will have the back of the tack sticking straight out. I turned the board over and bent each tack back so that it was flat on the canvas, and then covered each with a piece of sticky tape to both secure, and to avoid being pricked! (NB. I originally tried to use scrapbooking brads for this part, but the ones I had were too flimsy and couldn't get through all the layers. Pins of some sort that have the split back that can be folded neatly would be best, if you can find them.)

7. Once this is done, you are ready to attach the string and hang it to your wall. I used the staple gun for this job. Again, there may be a better way. Let me know if you come up with one.

8. Your notice board is now complete! Enjoy!


  1. How lovely! It is so much nicer than the one I made 9 years ago for my daughter. When we move into our new house I plan to make some more, so yours is definitely food for thought!

  2. i have just stumble upon your blog and love what i see so heading now to look around a bit more.

    so nice to meet you!

  3. This is cool. Thanks for posting the tutorial.

  4. Thank you so much I have been desperate to make one for my daughters, i'll get cracking now :)