Sunday, October 4, 2009

What weekend's are made of...

The long awaited Wizard's Express has come and gone - right along with a little of my sanity! I don't do long road trips particularly well. Especially not with three kidlets sitting behind me. To give them credit though, they were very well behaved. There is however, only so much time you can expect them to sit quietly and enjoy the scenery!

We stopped off at the Ettamoggah Pub for a leg stretch and some home-made sandwiches on the way up. The kids spent ages trying to work out how they got the pub into the shape it's in. We couldn't resist the temptation of the Fudge Shop (well, maybe I couldn't resist it) so we bought some for the road.

The Wizard's Express was great, although possibly a little too long for youngsters like mine. They loved the hype of the dress-up, and enjoyed having to 'jump' through the wall onto Platform 9 and 3/4.

The Sorting Hat placed us in the Moaning Myrtle carriage with our friends, Lena, Peter, Lily and Emily, and while the train was in motion we enjoyed visits from Hagrid (who plied the kids with lollies), Professor Grumblebum, a face-painter who stamped us with spiders, and a rat not unlike Ron Weasley's pet, Scabbers. Jai was lucky enough to win first prize for the best dressed boy. He was the only Ron Weasley amongst countless Harry Potters. Something to be said there for individuality! A magic show in the Great Hall was waiting for us back at the station, and the evening ended with supper on the platform. Lots and lots of fun!

We stopped off in Noosa on the way home on Sunday, and enjoyed a yummy breakfast at a cafe on the river in Noosaville. Boy, has that place changed since we were last there! So many cute little boutiques (yes, I got myself a bargain!) and heaps of groovy cafes.

We are home now, tired and a little grumpy, but all with hearts and minds full of memories that will last us a lifetime. Enjoy the pictures!

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