Friday, October 30, 2009

My daughter

We didn't plan on three children. Our two boys were all we wanted and we had no desire to procreate again. I have to admit though, that when our second son was born I did feel (for just the smallest moment) a little disappointed that he wasn't a girl. I got over those feelings pretty quickly though when I gazed into his deep, dark eyes. They told many a tale, and he completed our family perfectly. So, that was it,no more babies for us.

The universe, being what it is, had other plans for us and it seems that I was much more fertile than I had thought. It took a few weeks for my third pregnancy to sink in, and there were many days when I wondered how on earth I was going to cope with three small children. I wondered what it was going to be like having another little boy in our home - because that is what I was convinced this little one would be! Of course she wasn't, and we were so very happy to welcome her little spirit earthside.

I am convinced that becoming the mother of a girl child has been one of the catalysts to my own new journey. Learning about the divine and sacred feminine has opened me up to the incredible beauty and power we as women hold within us. The power to transform, to create, to nurture, to heal, and to love. I want my daughter to grow up understanding these qualities. I want to make sure she understands that she has the power to make a difference - to her life and to the life of those around her. I want her to understand that her body is a temple that needs to be honoured. I want her to make the right choices - choices of the heart and not the head. I want her to be a strong young woman, and devoted mother and a loving wife. I want her to know herself.

It has only been in the last six months or so, that I have really understood the enormity of having a daughter. I have so much to prepare her for, and I have so much to teach her. Luckily time, and the biggest support system I have ever encountered, is on my side.

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