Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paw Paw's Proud Pickin's

This is my sweetheart's Grand-daddy.

He has the BEST vegetable patch I have ever seen!  Take a look at the size of those cauliflowers and turnips!

Aside from giant cauliflowers and turnips, he grows just about anything you can think of - eggplant, okra, tomato, snap beans, carrots, potatoes, corn, onions and plenty more. It's winter there now, but this is what it looked like in spring. Isn't it pretty?  There is another patch a little smaller than this one too.  They grow everything they need, and any extras are snap frozen or preserved for use later on.  I'd love to have the space, the time and the skill to grow them the way Paw Paw does.  One day...

A herd of deer live on the property too.  Paw Paw feeds them every afternoon.  He calls them, sprinkles their corn on the ground and waits. They soon come, wandering out of the woods to nibble up their dinner. It's one of Maw Maw and Paw Paw's favourite times of day as they sit and watch them from a distance - skittish little creatures that deer are!  I managed this picture of them through the window of the trailer right before I had a stare off with a large doe, who stomped her hoof at me as though challenging me to come closer. 

Paw Paw, Maw Maw, and my parents-in-law to be, opened their home and their hearts to me when I was there, and they made me feel so much a part of their beautiful family.  I experienced true Southern hospitality!  It's always sad to leave, and I know my sweetheart really misses his family. These days though, we are blessed with such incredible technology, and the ten thousand miles between us seems so much smaller.  With Skype and Facebook we are never more than a phone call or instant message away from them! 

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