Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dining room project - COMPLETE!

There's really nothing like acting on a bit of 'spur of the moment' inspiration, is there?  On Friday we had a light bulb moment regarding our tired looking dining room.  My favourite magazine is Real Living, and one page in the latest edition got us thinking.  Before we changed our minds we were straight up to Masters  to get what we  needed.

This was our blank canvas -

Red was to be the feature colour.  Big, bold, sassy red!  We also decided that one wall would be a black board - part children's entertainment centre, and part adult reminder centre. It was raining outside (again!) so it was the perfect day to pull out all stops and create something flashy to brighten everything up.  We started by cleaning the walls down with sugar soap, and then cut in around the edges with the paint. We then added the blackboard paint on our chosen wall.

We had lots of little hands wanting to help, so we had to barricade the area with stools and chairs, although we did let Jai  have a turn with the roller.  One roll up and down and he was satisfied!

It took us two full days to finish the project but it was so much fun watching it all come together.  It cost us just a little over $100 to transform the space and we love it to bits.  We finished the blackboard off with some faux timber skirting boards, and we re-arranged our family photos on the opposite wall.

What do you think of it?  As for us, well, we can't stop looking at it.  In fact, we may just move the lounge suite in there tonight and watch the wall instead of the TV!

Next up (aside from the still on-going garden project!), is the restoration of a piece kitchen hutch into an awesome shelf.  Renovation projects galore in this house!


  1. That bold red is fabulous - great job! I love the teal dresser against it too :) By the way, I just found your blog through the Real Living Facebook page.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Anna! The teal dresser was the inspiration for the red. I love it, and it was a great excuse to go bold on the wall!

  3. looks perfect with that dresser. Well done.