Saturday, January 28, 2012

Betty Crocker eat your heart out!

My daughter is obsessed with cake decorating.  She watches YouTube videos constantly and has taught me what an offset spatula is, what a crumb coating is, and that icing is really called 'frosting'!

This one is her favourite -

I swear she has watched this one a hundred times!  And she's asked me just as many times if she can make her own.  So I indulged her today and we made one.  I had to admit defeat when it came to making a princess cake, so I bought a chocolate fudge cake packet mix, raided the chook pen for eggs and while the rain poured down outside, we baked.

Seeing as though she couldn't make a princess, she  decided that the cake absolutely had to have chocolate 'frosting', and that it would be covered in pink flowers and butterflies.

This is the end result.  Frosted and decorated all by my own little pâtissier.

Yes, I know there are no flowers and butterflies.  Girls are allowed to change their minds, you know!  It's our prerogative. And whoever said that having older brothers won't make a tomboy out of a girl is lying!

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