Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's that gypsy blood again...

The gypsy in me has gone and made me buy a caravan. Not just any caravan either. Nope... This little beauty is about four hours north of here, is about 50 years old, and is in dire need of some TLC!

Don't you think she's cute though?

I'm already imagining what we'll be able to do with her. Obviously we need to work out a way to get her home first, but when we do, I think she's going to become a beautiful labour of love. The other half of this little gypsy duo wants to do her up and sell her, but I have a feeling I might become a little attached during her make-over and want to keep her.

I've been scouring vintage caravan websites and my mind is over-flowing with decorating ideas. Do we go retro? Do I try and sneak in a little bit of shabby chic? Do we stick with keeping her original? Or do we go totally modern?

I love this look, but I think Mr Gypsy might find it a bit too girly.

Then again, I love this too. Maybe this might be more his style?

One thing I do know for sure though.... This is going to be fun!!!

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