Thursday, September 1, 2011

The ribbon

So when you find that other end of your silvery soul ribbon and you've tied them back together, what do do you do when they come undone? Do you leave them, and let those two souls float apart, never to be reunited? Or do you go to the ends of the earth to find that other wispy, lonely ribbon, and tie them back together again?

What would life be like if you left it? If you didn't chase it, and both ribbons were just left floating around, lost and alone. What if others told you to just forget it? That you'll never find it. Would life be the same? Could you feel whole? Could you get through life knowing that one day, just one day, you might find each other again? Maybe this lifetime, maybe not?

And what if you did find it, and tied that knot back together? Tighter this time. Could you ever risk them coming undone again? And what do you do to make sure the knot stays firm?

You have faith. You have hope. And you have love. The greatest of those is love.

It's the only thing that will keep those ribbons tied.

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