Wednesday, March 10, 2010


.... Cheeky Face!

I know she is still naked but I couldn't wait to share her with you all. To be honest, I'm a bit nervous about making her some clothes. I'm not the best seamstress, and I'm procrastinating.

Isn't she gorgeous? She even has a belly button and bottom! She is very cuddly and the perfect size for snuggling with. I wanted to call her Hope or Star, or something else pretty and girly, but my daughter (and mother-to-be) had other ideas, and so she is Cheeky Face. Cheeky for short.

Cheeky is being hidden away now until my daughter's birthday, and hopefully by then she will be fully clothed!

I'm so proud of myself.


  1. oh, cheeky is Adorable. You've done a fantastic job making her.
    Good Luck with making her clothes, I'm sure you'll do great. :-)

  2. She is stunning, no wonder you are pleased. making one of these dolls is like giving birth all over again - especially stuffing the head!

  3. She's gorgeous!!! I love her hair and cute! xx

  4. Thanks ladies! I have a very good teacher... :)