Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Isn't it amazing how a few little things can totally change your frame of mind? Today is rainy (really, really rainy!) and cool. Despite my yard resembling a swamp, complete with toads, worms and other native wildlife, I am oh, so happy. The heat has gone, for now anyway, and my mood has changed from lacklustre and lazy, to full of energy and hopeful. Maybe the full moon has something to do with it too?

Or perhaps it is the incredibly cute doll I am making for my daughter? I can't stop looking at her. She has no arms, face or hair yet, but even so, she is beautiful. This morning I bought some gorgeous fabric from Spotlight to make her some clothes. I can't wait to see her finished! I need to name her too. I have picked a couple of names but they are all a bit to hard for my little one to pronounce!! I want something pretty, unusual and easy to say. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I'm also nearly finished my mother in law's shawl. I'm making it on my butterfly loom. I thought I was finished on the weekend but after I had finished sewing the squares together I realised it was too short. I have a few more days to get the rest done, and I'm pretty speedy at the looming game now, so that's another reason not to be stressed! Once the shawl is done, I will be onto the next project which will be something different for someone very special.

Crafting has become so much a part of my day lately, and I treasure those few minutes, or sometimes hours, when I can sit, think, create and listen to Sacred Earth. It's my time, and I love it. Giving myself some time-out from day to day activities not only helps break up those thankless home-duties, but it lets me escape into myself - into my heart space - and I'm pretty happy with what I am finding in there lately....

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  1. Don't pick a name for the doll. Let your daughter choose it and 'own' the name. The Princess has always named her own dolls because she says they 'talk' to her - I think she means she 'learns' their character as she's holding and playing with them. It kind of is like how many parents choose names for their babies. It just comes to them when they see them. Although we had names chosen before ours were born. Luckily the Princess has a unisex name as I was convinced until the doctors delivered her she was a boy!