Thursday, March 25, 2010

Indigo Children

I've got one, and chances are, you may have one too.

A lot has been written about Indigo children, and many believe they have been coming since the dawning of time. Most agree though, that Indigos have been arriving in massively increasing numbers since the 1980's. It is also thought that many older Indigos (those in their 20s, 30s, 40s and even their 50s) are now awakening to their purpose as the Indigo message becomes clearer and more compelling. The state of our world and its population needs to alter, and those that study the Indigo phenomenon believe that these people are the change agents it needs.

I found a wonderful list of the attributes of Indigo Children here. The suspicions I had about my oldest son were certainly confirmed after reading through it.

Meg Blackburn describes the Indigo Children in her book, The Children of Now, this way, "The Children of Now bring possibilities of remarkable evolutionary change to our world. They have a mission and an immense purpose, and they need our help. Their giftedness brings enlightenment to us, and their wisdom offers reminders of times and worlds we have forgotten. They are not only on a mission to teach us about greater reality from within their innocence and their clarity of truth; they are also the future of our world. In fact, if we pay attention to the Children of Now, the future of humanity can change direction from the destructive way it is currently in to a much enhanced, much more positive reality - one that is more globally oriented and offers the highest benefit for everyone."

Other well known Indigo writers, Chapman and Flynn (their book is The Complete Idiots Guide to Indigo Children), state that, "Indigos are going to change the world, and they already have. They will challenge us with out-of-the-box thinking. They will inspire us because of their wise souls. Indigos will create a world in which everybody wins."

I find this incredibly exciting! I think it's time I invested in some of these books and learnt some more!


  1. Hi! I have a bunch of books on Indigos. Happy for you to borrow them. Melissa

  2. Hi Beck, I reckon Richard is an Indigo child, or was, I should say. I have to read more about the 4 types of indigo children though.