Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some days are hard...

Really hard. So hard that I can't even talk about them.  To anyone.  Other days are not so bad. I get by and I get on.  Some days are wonderful and I thank the universe that I live the life that I live. It's on those days that I'm grateful for everything and everyone who is a part of my existence.

Today is one of those not so good days.  The kind that makes you want to retreat and hide from everything. The kind that makes you wonder how you'll get through until tomorrow.  The kind that you really just want to forget about.  

I remind myself though that it takes the bad to be able to appreciate the good, and that eventually I will be able to lay my head down and wake up to a new day.  And who knows what tomorrow will want to share with me?  

It might just be the best day of my life. 



  1. Even through the hard days I can see you are still an optimist. You cannot quite allow yourself to forget about the beauty in your life. Allow yourself the hard days because you KNOW it gets better - and different - and you know who can go to for support if you need it. Best wishes, love jen xx

  2. Very true. A powerful thing to share. ♥