Saturday, December 31, 2011

On the eve of a new year...

I've been thinking lately about the last twelve months, and the changes my life has seen.  Some were unexpected and others were long awaited. Mostly though these changes have brought about a new perspective and a longing for simplicity - again.

Today I bought a cork board.  It's going to become my 2012 vision board and on it, I plan to pin pictures, articles, ideas, motivations.... anything really.  Anything that will help me stick to my plan and stay focused to achieve what I want to achieve!

This year I am going to return back to basics again.  I kind of veered off that roundabout a little this year with so much going on in my personal life, but now that that part has stabilised to some extent, it's time to simplify.  I want to avoid purchasing unnecessary items (money is still very tight), and I want to return to my goal of hand-making as many gifts as I can in my limited free time. I'm starting soon to prepare for next Christmas! I want to cook from scratch as much as possible, and along with that, I am going to avoid too many packaged food products. I've been a bit slack with this!  Nothing I have set for myself is difficult, but it is going to take a bit of time to re-integrate these ideas back into my daily routine.  Bit by bit though, I say...

Our family goal is to be able to afford to spend Christmas and New Year in Louisiana in 2012.  I'm sure we'll get there if we can all stick to our guns. The kids are on board, my sweet man has said he'll do what he can, and I'm ready and rearing to go!

Stay tuned for our progress... oh, and if anyone has any suggestions for blogs or websites that might help me in my planning (food preparation, shopping ideas, handmade gifts etc), then please shoot them my way!

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