Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ebay gold!

This is my son. He is holding a rock that he found at school. He was doing something he shouldn't have been doing, in a place that he wasn't supposed to be. Typical. He was pretty pleased with his find though, and came home full of questions.

'What is it, Mum? Could it be fool's gold? Maybe a piece of moon rock? Or do you think it just might be scrap metal?'... We tested it's magnetic capabilities, pondered over it's make-up, and wondered where on earth (or space!) it came from. It certainly looked as though it could be any of those things.

He's a strange and curious soul, this little man, and his lifelong ambition is to be another Bear Grylls. When you ask him what he wants to do when he finishes school, he will tell you that he wants to be an explorer. He dreams of discovery and can't wait until he is 18 and will be 'allowed' to travel the world.

In an effort to keep those dreams of his alive, we decided to do a little experiment and see if he could make some money to start his travel fund. So we put the rock on ebay. People sell all sorts of stuff on there right? Why not a rock?

We watched the auction day and night, and while we all fantasised about it making thousands of dollars, or trading it for a house (remember the Red Paper Clip guy?), realistically we thought it might only reach our starting bid of 99c. Well, the rock sold for $26, and we had one very happy little boy. It was bought by a man in Central Queensland.

This was his eBay feed back -

"thanks item received as pictured good luck exploring to the young fella"

Who knows why he bought it? Maybe he collects moon rocks, or is a metal expert? Or maybe he just wanted to make a little boy's dreams come to life? It really doesn't matter though. What matters is that we did it. We tried something a little bit 'out there', and it worked. At the same time, we also showed our future world explorer, that if you want to succeed at something, you first need to give it a go!

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