Thursday, October 28, 2010

Real food....

As my husband just pointed out, the term 'real food' means different things to everyone. To us it means food in it's most purest state. Dr Tickell often talks about the HI factor of food, and recommends that we eat food that has the lowest HI factor possible. HI meaning 'human influence'. For example, food with a low HI would be organically grown fruits and vegetables, and on the flip side, food with a high HI would be something completely processed such as soft drink, or a fast food burger. This kind of food is not appetising to me at all these days! Especially not after watching Food Inc the other night.

Tonight I collected my first Food Connect box, and I am impressed! I opened it and laid it all out on the kitchen bench, and my kids went crazy! Cherry tomatoes, strawberries and pecan nuts disappeared before my eyes, and my oldest son told me that we needed to make sure we bought this 'farm stuff' every week! I tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your children get excited over such wonderful things. This is 'real food', and just as importantly, this 'real food' comes from farms within a five hour radius of Brisbane. This means that not only are we supporting local business, but we are able to eat food that is FRESH! If you care about what goes into your mouth, and into the mouths of your children, you really should check out their website. They don't just supply fruits and veg either. You can buy raw milk (I can't wait to get some of this!), organic sour dough breads, cheeses and an array of other delicious things.

Check out what was in my box tonight. All this for $48. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am pretty certain that you would not get this for the same price in a supermarket!

Awesome, hey?


  1. It looks great,and is organic? But I can get like triple that at robina its not organic and I have to go and get it but it does not look like alot...Im not trying to be negative, I am was really considering doing this...but the photo does not look alot..3 potatoes, 2 apples? Love all the ideas and love the kids getting in on it, that makes a huge difference.

  2. It's organic. Or at worst, if not organic, it is grown pesticide and/or spray free. There is enough for our family of five as far as veg goes, but I will need to supplement the fruit. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get this for the same price in a supermarket. Given the variety also, as most supermarkets don't stock much at all in the organic section. Food Connect have many different types of boxes available too. The one I chose this week was the Gourmet box, but there might be another one better suited to you? Check out their site, or give them a call. They are very helpful.