Friday, September 17, 2010

Yum cha!

There's not much we love more than a massive yum cha feast!

Especially when it is shared with family.

There are always some unusual delicacies for us to taste, and we get so much enjoyment watching the kids tuck into things that most people would just gape at. Our middle son is incredibly game when it comes to trying new things - his Asian genes must be in his stomach! He was so excited to be having yum cha, that he piled his plate up with at least one of everything. He then looked at me and with such sincerity, declared, "Mum, I have NO idea where to start!" But start he did, and he didn't stop until his plate was clean!

Our oldest son is not quite so keen, but won't say no to some siu mai or ma lai goh. Translated, these are pork dumplings and steamed cake, and they are divine! Little Miss loves her dumplings too, but is also a bit partial to her Daddy's childhood favourite,
char siu bao, or steamed pork buns.

I dare say we could quite easily eat yum cha everyday of the week!

Enjoy the photos!

His anticipation was palpable!

Daddy and daughter's favourite, steamed pork buns.

Yep, it's a chicken's foot! There was nothing left of this one bar a couple of knuckle bones!

Aunty proudly watching the chopstick action!

Siu mai, or steamed pork dumplings.

Ma lai goh. A delicious steamed cake that is supposed to be dessert.
It never lasts that long on our table!

The feast!

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